They really were Professionally Strange

We'll get to the difficult right now. The impossible may take a little longer.

Dayna and Kevin never claimed to be mainstream but they got the job done. It didn't matter what the challenge, they hit it head on with their unusual but working ideas taking a vision to reality.

Dayna and Kevin have done things like building a television network for a public school district, create a welfare to work program that was debated on the floor of Congress to teaching science and computer graphics and technology. They were called upon countless times to create something from a simple idea.

They brought attention to adult and elder abuse by sweepstakes companies preying on them along with working with local and regional representatives concerning nursing homes and practices there. Whenever a project came along, they didn't concern themselves about anything other than the project itself.

Dayna was an Archaeologist for the Federal Government and became a teacher while Kevin was a teacher and Independent Consultant working on projects like educating physically and mentally challenged in computers and teaching computer software.

Why do we do this? We do it because we're stupid.

Dayna and Kevin had seperate careers but worked together on many projects. From education to awareness, they spent many a night discussing an issue only to implement a solution.

What kind of things did they do?

  • Educational Television Networks
  • Legislation to stop preying on the elderly
  • Publications and customized material in computers and science
  • A Welfare to work program that was debated in the Senate
  • Construction of a private school for alternative religion

Whatever the issue or project, the atmosphere between them was always lively. They put their collective expertise together on many an occassion for a positive outcome. From writing grants to presentations and material, Dayna and Kevin worked together that showed their unity in public even though they may have disagreed in private.

Some useful Stuff

Kevin keeps the moon phases on his website to ensure everyone knows when the full moon is out. He still lights a stick of Dayna's favorite incense and sits in their courtyard on the night of the full moon.